Friends of the
de la Zerda Cemetery

Dedicated to maintaining and preserving the historic de la Zerda cemetery.

Corner of Peach Street & Goliad Road - Floresville, Texas

de la Zerda burial gate

Interior fencing circa 1800s

Nemencio de la Zerda II and family

Early pioneer family, Floresville, Texas circa 1892

Tejano Pioneers of the Lodi Community

The Friends of the de la Zerda Cemetery is a non-profit group dedicated to maintaining, preserving, and ultimately, restoring and adding to the beauty and history of an important part of Tejano history in South Texas. 

We hope to conduct fund raising efforts through sales of publications and fun events in order to build a strong future of perpetual care for this sacred, historical ground, the De La Zerda Cemetery.

The de la Zerda Cemetery is located on the high, east bank of the San Antonio River in the old community of Lodi in Wilson County, Texas. It rests near the Lodi Ferry crossing, also known as Carvajal Crossing, on the San Antonio River. 

Both the Cemetery and the Lodi Ferry are located on property that was purchased by Nemencio de la Zerda, Sr. in 1837 from the De Arocha family, who were kin to his wife, Maria de Jesus Perez, a Canary Islander descendant. 

It is difficult to tell when the de la Zerda Cemetery was first used for burial purposes. It most possibly served initially as a plot of land set aside on the property for family burials, and grew to be another family business endeavor. 

Some of those interred at the Cemetery appear to bear names of neighboring residents. Nemencio Sr. and his wife are most likely buried at the de la Zerda Cemetery, but there is only one marker labeled simply “ZERDA” to indicate any of several de la Zerdas with records of being buried there. 

Nemencio Sr. served as a volunteer in Juan Seguin’s company of soldiers in Seguin’s 1839 Indian campaign. de la Zerda was a rancher and owned and operated a freight business and the Lodi Ferry.

Nemencio Sr. died in 1865 while both Nemencio II and Pedro Benito, two of his sons, were away serving the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Sadly, the young men returned to find their father gone forever.

Our Texas State Historical Markers

de la Zerda interior fencing

de laz Zerda plaque

Cemetery dedication announcement

Rededication ceremony flyer

Nemencio de la Zerda III & Herminina Flores

Lodi Ferry plaque

Lodi Ferry dedication announcement

Texas Historical Markers on Goliath Road

Our Mission Continues

The wonderful organization of historians devoted to preserving the history of Wilson County, the Wilson County Historical Society, under the leadership of LaJuana Newnam-Leus and the hard work of local history experts like Maurine Liles and Mark Cameron have brought a new future for the “little Cemetery that could.”

We are very blessed to have taken steps to better the Cemetery’s future with the City of Floresville, with Henrietta Turner, City Manager, at the helm of preservation efforts and the Floresville Economic Development Corporation, under the guidance of Ben Reed.

Rededication of the Historical Marker at the corner of Peach Street and Goliad Road on November 2, 2019, on behalf of the Wilson County Historical Society who sponsored the Cemetery’s original Texas Historical Marker placed and dedicated in 2006. The marker had been heavily vandalized over the next 13 years at the Cemetery site. Thus, the new marker was placed on the street facing the entrance to the property.

There has been much continued vandalism, years of neglect, and natural forces over time that have left very little of what might have given us more information. Markers are missing; many, broken and scattered; and the few remaining are, for the most part, not legible.

Can you help?
Donations will continue the preservation of this historic cemetery.

Please contact Nancy de la Zerda via email or phone (210) 687-3248.